Waihi's Really Got Talent!!!

Posted by Gold FM on 10/09/2012

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There was dancing, there was singing, there was a rock guitarist and there was even an invisible bully at the Waihi Beach Memorial RSA for the first heat of Waihi's Got Talent last Friday night.

The competition was tight and Waihi Really Has Got Talent!

Nine year old Keelan Simpson made it through to the finals with a stirring rock guitar recital that would have made older rock gods jealous.

Eight year old Zane Huirangi 'got down' on the dance floor with a hip-hop dance and twelve year old Mikayla Millar showed her moves and grooves to get her into the final as well.

Brooke Mc Andle, a bright and perky eight year old danced up a storm and Nina Baily (eleven) and Emily Croker (twelve) choreographed and performed an energetic dance in perfect unison which impressed the judges and gives them a shot at taking out the major prize in the final this Friday night.

Ashleigh Scott and Jessica Roberts (both twelve) impressed the judges with their harmonic vocals and nine year old Brianna Rackham performed a haunting version of 'Sinner Man', an American traditional spiritual song to take her to the final.

Twelve year old Samara Dodunski accompanied herself on the piano and she's booked her place in the final too.

The Senior heat is on this Friday night at the Waihi Beach Memorial RSA from 6.30 pm. Entry is free and it promises to be a great night of family entertainment.