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Burglars And Bones At The Beach, Youngsters Wandering At Night, Tasers and Pepper Spray ...

Thieves have been at it again and this time they're targeting Waihi Beach properties. The burglars are getting more than they bargained for because the police are determined to nip their crime spree in the bud.

Two women have been apprehended and search warrants were executed yesterday. The Waihi Police are still keen to speak to the partners of the women who were involved.

Sergeant Dave Litton said it's "absolutely horrible" when burglaries like this happen. One of the owners of a home is away undergoing surgery for cancer and his home was cleaned out. "They went to town, they took everything from bedding to kitchen utensils, to pictures off the wall, Sergeant Litton said.

You can hear more about it by listening to the interview below.

Young people are being warned that the police will pick them up and take them home if they're caught wandering around at night. The police have an almost zero tolerance to youngsters out and about after dark and Sergeant Litton said "if you're under the age of seventeen and you're not with an adult, caregiver or parent and you're with your mates after 9 at night you'll be taken to the station and we'll be ringing your parents".

The Waihi Police acted on information last Friday they worked with Customs and executed a search warrant at a Waihi property looking for prohibited items.

They found tasers and pepper spray and Dave said people bringing in these restricted items might get lucky but Customs have enormous powers and even though you might get lucky you will get caught eventually.

A stolen car was also retrieved from one of the properties that was searched.

Police were called to Anzac Bay last Sunday after a member of the public found human bones. The Archaeological Society have since found out that the bones had been there for a very long time and the area was more than likely a burial ground. Sergeant Litton said it was a case of the weather exposing the bones.

Council, together with local iwi will work together to either remove the bones at the site or have them put back into the ground.

Have a listen to the full interview. Allow a few moments for the audio to play.

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