Waihi Farmhouse Gutted By Fire

Posted by Gold FM on 18/06/2012

waihi fire engine 3450 x 600.jpg

The Waihi Volunteer Fire Service has had a relatively quiet week but that all changed yesterday.

Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens said this morning that they were called out to a Crean Road property last night at about 8.30 where they put out a chimney fire which was caused by a wood fire. Before leaving the property a thorough check was made using a new thermal imaging camera that shows hot spots. Nothing showed up in the check so the fire service left the property.

Then, at about 3.30 this morning they were called back to the house to find it well ablaze. Moe Stevens said "it's pretty much a disaster out there, we didn't get home until about quarter to seven".

The house was an older place and the ceiling cavity was full of insulfluff insulation. Moe said there was "obviously something under an eave somewhere that reignited" as insulfluff can tend to smoulder a bit and "up she went again". A house at Tauranga had a similar situation recently when the insulation in the ceiling reignited seven hours after a fire had been put out.

The four bedroom house was gutted by the fire. Everybody at the house is accounted for and nobody was injured in the fire, but Moe said the insurance company will have to start in earnest now".

Now is a good time to check the smoke detectors in your house!

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