Waihi Discovery Centre New Look To Be Unveiled

Posted by Gold FM on 01/05/2012


Planning on the proposed Discovery Centre in Seddon Street has progressed to the stage where the public is being invited to join the Waihi Community Vision and their consultants on Thursday the 10th of May starting at 7 pm, at the Salvation Army Hall on Seddon Street, to see and hear about the plans.

The WCV has been working on a proposed sport complex at Morgan Park, and the plans for that will also be shown to the public for the first time.

The original plans for the Discovery Centre were shelved when the New Zealand Mint pulled out of its commitment to fund the centre. The economic climate was blamed but New Zealand Mint became embroiled in a dispute with a financier who turned out to be a fraudster. They had put down a substantial bond for a planned finance deal which turned sour when it was learned that the man offering the finance was a scam artist.The New Zealand Mint, owned by Gary McNabb until recently, put out this media release last year explaining what happened and confirming that the money had been intended for a hotel in Auckland and the Waihi Discovery Centre.


Kiwi property investor freezes global fraudster’s funds

New Zealand property investor McNabb Group Properties (McNabb) has frozen the Swiss bank account of alleged international loan scammer Western Gulf Advisory (WGA).

The company has also filed criminal proceedings in Switzerland and Bahrain against WGA.

The moves follow a series of events that began late last year when McNabb sought funding for a hotel venture in Auckland and the Waihi Discovery Centre and was approached by a WGA intermediary in New Zealand.

WGA is led by Indian national and alleged fraudster Ahsan Ali Syed who has allegedly scammed some $100 million from Australian investors.

Following due diligence and local and international research over several months McNabb advanced some NZ$1.1 million to WGA early this year to cover fees and a deposit on a property loan.

Alarm bells began to ring in mid-March when WGA – which had observed all the stringent protocols of a major global financial transaction – breached the agreement by not returning our funds when asked to.

McNabb hired Kiwi private investigator and barrister Mark van Leewarden to check out WGA. The PI travelled to Dubai and Switzerland and with the evidence was able to convince Swiss banking authorities to freeze the WGA account.

McNabb principal Gary McNabb says WGA has threatened to sue the New Zealand companyfor US$6 million but the threats are without foundation.

“They have no grounds at all in law to sue us. Our contract with them – which is under Swiss jurisdiction - says that if they don’t perform they have to return all our funds to us immediately. “It’s interesting to us that they want to sue for US$6 million – that tends to suggest there is that level of funds in the Swiss bank account,” McNabb says. “Our exposure is a drop in the bucket when you consider that Australian investors have allegedly sent about $100 million to WGA. We are pleased we took positive action to recover our money when we first became suspicious about WGA,” McNabb says.

“We hope by publicising what has happened that investors or borrowers are warned off WGA or others who have had dealings with them come forward so we can help shut down a very clever fraudster.”

Statement ends.

A scaled down version of the Waihi Discovery Centre, costing a lot less money than the original, has been drawn up and funding has been sought by Waihi Vision Trust CEO, Eddie Morrow. The original building was to have included a retail centre, cafe, a conference centre for 50 people and a gold pour experience. The building was also going to provide an adrenalin vertigo adventure which involved a canti-levered walkway over the Martha mine open pit.

The Morgan Park Sport Complex will combine many sports clubs in the same area and the public will get it's first official run through of the plan on the 10th of May.