Waihi Community Forum To Hold Public Workshop

Posted by Gold FM on 30/10/2012

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Michael Scahill, the spokesperson for the Waihi Community Forum said this morning "Our goal is simple. We want to have happy outcomes for all the residents of Waihi East".

The forum has completed their groundwork and are now at the stage where they are ready to get out and consult with the community. A workshop is being held on Saturday the 10th of November from 10 am through to 2 pm at Waihi East School. The public is invited to head along to the school anytime between those hours to hear about the forum's work and to give their thoughts and ideas about the best way forward for the community.

Michael said,"We're inviting anybody and everybody, just come when you want. It's running for four hours and we want people to ask questions, offer suggestions or just come, listen, think, go away - and if after a couple of days they've thought about something they'd like to ask us about, feel free to do that".

A series of 'zones' will be set up at the meeting so that people can learn more about a range of issues from dust and noise, to the 'Streets Ahead Programme'.

The workshop is not planned to be a conventional public meeting where everybody is sitting in rows to listen, it's designed to be informal and interactive.

There are now a lot of acronyms associated with the forum like WCF, AEP, PCIP, and Michael said people can visit the Waihi Community Forum website www.waihicommunityforum.co.nz and go to the questions and answers section to learn more about them, but he suggested a visit to the workshop on the 10th of November would be a great way for people to be able to find out about what these acronyms mean.

"We're there to listen to all the ideas, and in fact we want ideas", Michael said. "We have a couple of alternatives at the moment to the existing programme, so we'll be presenting those, but we certainly want feedback. Just come along for as long as you want and when you want over the four hour period of the workshop".

Anyone who wants to get in touch with the Waihi Community Forum is invited to email them at wcfinformation@gmail.com or if you don't have access to a computer you can write to the forum at PO Box 17, Paeroa.

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