Waihi College Community Meeting

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The Waihi College Board of Trustees and staff are holding a community meeting at 6.30 pm on Monday the 26th of March at the Waihi College Hall, and have issued an open invite for parents, care-givers and business operators to attend.

The Board of Trustees are working to establish a clear direction forward for the school.

Education Consultants from Tauranga will be at the College helping to gather and put together information from different parties who are interested in offering their opinions about the skills and values they think students need to have when they leave school and head out into the work-force.

With the constantly changing educational needs in a vastly different world to previous generations, the school wants to ensure they can meet the future challenges and needs of their students and community.

Technology is moving so quickly forward that constant review of the skills and knowledge that students need to succeed are required.

Shifts in education and technology mean schools are trying to prepare students for jobs that may not necessarily exist yet, and the way advances in technology are galloping ahead some of the techniques and tools used in the future have not even been invented.

Waihi College is working to identify ways to keep up with the constantly changing needs of businesses so that students can be equipped to keep pace with the required competencies.

Parents, care-givers, business owners and managers are invited to take their thoughts and ideas along to share with the visiting consultants.

The meeting starts at 6.30 pm in the Waihi College Hall and light refreshments will be provided.