Tyler White Is The Walrus ... Again

Posted by Gold FM / Kit Wilson on 11/07/2012

The annual Newmont Waihi Gold midwinter Walrus Swim was held in one of the company's polishing ponds on Baxter Road today. Employees and contractors are invited to brave the brass monkey pond that holds treated water before it's discharged into the river, and swim over 100 metres for the chance to hold aloft the coveted 'Walrus'.

13 brave/foolhardy/tremendously enthusiastic (we were told to pick one) would-be Walruses took up the challenge and took to the water in front of a suitably impressed, suitably dressed crowd.

Competitors ranged in age from barely out of their teens to old enough to know better, and took to the ponds like ducks to water

Under a sparkling winter sky Tyler White emerged from the 14C degree water as the convincing winner to claim his trophy for the second year in a row.

To paraphrase the Beatles, Tyler White ... You Are The Walrus!

Thanks Kit Wilson for supplying the information and the photos.

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