Truck Off!

Posted by Gold FM on 20/04/2012

jaun with survey 450 x 600

A small action group is asking business owners in the Seddon Street, Rosemont Road area of Waihi to comment about trucks coming into town as they travel to other places.

The group gathered a 900 signature petition in August 2010 that strongly supported the notion that trucks should be diverted along Kenny Street and bypass the main centre of town.

If business owners are concerned about the growing numbers of noisy large vehicles on Seddon Street, they're urged to make comments on a form that was delivered last week.

The action group are emphasising that they are not advocating that a by-pass is created that will also divert light vehicles away from Waihi.

They hope to be able to present a case to the Hauraki District Council and New Zealand Transport Agency to have only heavy vehicles diverted from Seddon Street, if they have the support of the community.

Photo: Jaun Fisher, who is the spokesperson for the action group.