Trio Gets Green Light

Posted by HDC on 29/06/2012

Having completed development work and met pre-production conditions on its Trio mine project, under Waihi’s Union Hill, Newmont Waihi Gold has been given the green light to commence full mining.

“The company has now complied with all the conditions that were required to be met prior to the mine commencing,” said Hauraki District Council Strategic Planning Projects Manager, Mark Buttimore.

These conditions included three months of monitoring significant heritage features on Union Hill, including cyanide tanks and ore roasting kilns constructed for earlier mining, in order to establish baselines for natural movement and stresses on these structures. These baselines have been used to establish trigger levels. If any of these levels are met, mitigation action will be taken to protect the structures.

“This has resulted in approval being given to the Union Hill Heritage Features Baseline Monitoring Plan, which was required to be completed prior to mine production works commencing,” said Mr Buttimore.

Approval has also been given to the Noise and Vibration monitoring and mitigation plans for the mine, as required by the consent conditions.

Development work on the mine, which was approved in an earlier consent, included an incline and decline from the Favona mine to the top and bottom of the three ore bodies to be mined. These ore bodies are known as the Union, Trio, and Amaranth veins.  
Mining is expected to last for at least two years.