Thieves Lift More Than Weights At Health Plus Gym

Posted by Gold FM on 20/11/2012

hesalth plus gym door

Health Plus Gym was visited by thieves last night. Owner Jennifer arrived at work this morning to find a door and window smashed and a mess inside the gym. The burglars used a red piece from a car jack to break and enter, leaving it on the bench.

They stole 32 inch and 42 inch Plasma televisions, dumbbells, barbells, gym balls, weights and more.

After breaking into the back storage room they had a good look around and departed with money safe as well.

Supplements and drinks were stolen and Health Plus Gym are hoping that if people see the Horley's or Crossfire brand of supplements they will take note and let them or the Police know.

Waihi Whiteware just across the road from the gym on Martha Street was also broken into last night.

And a private home on Morseby Avenue was visited by thieves as well.

If you hear anything or know anything about last night's break-in please contact the Waihi Police on 07 863 8179 or phone the anonymous Crime Stoppers number, 0800 555 111.

All that remains of Plasma TVs is the wall brackets.

Some of the mess left behind at Health Plus Gym.