Telecom Outage Shuts Down Internet

Posted by Gold FM on 16/07/2012

white note no internet

Are you a Telecom customer? Did you lose your broadband internet connection yesterday?

We've been advised by Telecom that about 600 customers in the Waikato region lost their broadband connection because of a damaged copper cable.

Gold FM had no internet connection in our offices yesterday and we were without broadband.

When one of our staff phoned Telecom after losing the internet at their home early yesterday afternoon, the first question asked was, "does Telecom have an outage at the moment?"

The reply was "no", and then about  three frustrating hours followed. After half an hour of going through turning the modem off and on, then putting that cable there and moving this laptop here, Telecom decided it was time for their customer to call the manufacturer of the customer's router. Reason being, Telecom don't look after any one else's routers. A technician could be sent out, but at the customer's cost.

Then it was a call to the office of the manufacturer of the router. A very pleasant chap in another country who was a little difficult to understand, (in fact, you could have closed your eyes and imagined you were talking to a generated robotic voice that was clever enough to hold a conversation) politely went through the steps to see if the problem was with the router).

After another hour of pulling this cable out of there and rebooting that bit here the very pleasant chap was able to ascertain that we had no internet connection and the problem was not his company's router.

Now, we were getting somewhere. So it was back on the phone to Telecom to talk to the equally pleasant robot lady on the 123 number. After telling the robot lady that it was a broadband issue we wanted information about, she politely said "I'll get someone for you".

The phone started ringing at the other end and then the wallpapery pleasant Kiwi music played ... and played ...and played! In fact there was time to cook a meal, and eat it whilst listening to the speaker on the phone playing obscure Kiwi tracks that had never been anywhere near a radio format.

When the phone was finally answered, again the question was asked, "does Telecom have an outage at the moment?". The friendly lady on the other end of the phone replied. Yes, (Hallelujah!) and the 07 area is unfortunately without broadband coverage.

After all of those wasted hours! The friendly lady said Telecom would keep us up to date via our mobile (Thank you friendly lady).

Then, the one and only text message we received from Telecom about the problem read ' Telecom support confirmation case ..... has been raised for your Broadband. For status updates see WTFor goodness sake!!!

So if your surfing was rudely interrupted yesterday ... you know why. It wasn't your router, so hopefully you didn't fiddle with it and now need to call in a technician to fix it.

Today Gold FM talked to a Telecom media relations representative who politely answered our questions about the 'outage'. It's funny when someone says, you can always look up outages on our website. Ha ha. Hello, we had no internet connection!

And, it's not funny when you lose a good portion of your weekend farting around climbing into cupboards and connecting cables to satisfy the questions Telecom asks that lead to the assumption that the problem lies with your router, that you did not purchase from Telecom.

We asked the Telecom media rep if they have a policy to 'make good' to their customers when they have an outage like yesterdays' and people are inconvenienced. The answer? Telecom apologises for the inconvenience but regrettably the problem was out of our control.

It's kind of like going to a restaurant for lunch and not getting that juicy steak your mouth was watering over because the restaurant ran out of gas half way through cooking it and refused a refund.

It leaves you wanting more ... service, service, service, oh and a credit for the lost hours would be nice Telecom.