TCDC District Plan Approval Closer

Posted by Thames Coromandel District Council on

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The Thames Coromandel District Council (TCDC) District Plan Review project has reached another milestone with the "draft" now on its way to Council for approval.

This is an important step moving it closer towards public consultation in October - where people will have the chance to have their say on how land is used around the Coromandel.

The draft District Plan is a document setting out what the TCDC is thinking around changing of land use. It is about balancing heritage, cultural and community expectations with economic and business development.

Some of the key topics being highlighted include mining, land rezoning, subdivision, the management of coastal areas, significant natural areas as well as heritage preservation.

Because this is only a draft, there will be extensive community consultation and involvement before the "proposed' District Plan is then released next year.

The draft can easily be changed, and no doubt will be following public input. This is just the very first step in letting people know what the Council is thinking about changing from the current District Plan, which hasn't been comprehensively updated since 1998.

This week the District Plan Review Committee, chaired by Deputy Mayor Peter French, met to hear a progress report from Council's district plan team and to sign off the draft, to go to a full Council meeting on 26 September.

The TCDC district planning team have been working their way around the Coromandel talking to Community Boards and Area Managers about proposed changes to the District Plan.

A major part of those meetings was around looking at current land use, local and blueprint plan suggestions and seeing what areas of land could be rezoned for the next 10 to 15 years.

There have also been pre-consultation meetings with key stakeholder groups.

Their customer services team have also had their first lot of training in preparation for what questions they might field from the public around the district plan review.

If the full Thames Coromandel District Council approves the draft District Plan, it will go out to the public for feedback from 18 October.

Public meetings, including Marae visits to talk with Iwi, are being set up to talk through issues around the District Plan. The TCDC team are also happy to hear from groups who want to arrange meetings themselves.

Posters, summary sheets and their website will also provide background and information.