Status Quo To Remain On Council Representation

Posted by Gold FM on 31/10/2012


The Hauraki District Council met today and one of the items on their agenda was the Representation Arrangement Review.

After initially indicating that the status quo would remain for all Wards throughout the Hauraki District at earlier meetings and workshops, a decision to reduce Waihi's representation from five to four was made at a full Council meeting on August the 15th.

The decision to make the change was publicly notified and altogether 171 submissions were received by the time submissions closed on the 25th of September. Most of the submissions supported the cut in representation for Waihi. We received unconfirmed reports that there had been a concerted effort to gather submissions in the Plains area in support of reducing Waihi's representation.

The Hauraki District Council held a hearing on October 17th and five people chose to verbally address the Council in support of their submissions.

After enquiring about the decision today the Council's Chief Executive Langley Cavers confirmed this afternoon that the status quo is to remain. This means that Waihi will retain it's present five Councillors and the Plains and Paeroa Wards will also remain the same, with four representatives each.

As yet we don't know how many voted for or against the status quo remaining but we'll let you know when we have the details.