Significant Sentence For P Supply And Manufacture

Posted by on 08/02/2012

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Scott Warren Filer, 56, of Waihi has been sentenced  to 18 years jail at the High Court in Auckland.

A lengthy police investigation led to Filers arrest for the manufacture of up to 4kgs of pure methamphetamine, or P.

Detective Sergeant Glenn Tinsley said “An electronic surveillance investigation began in November 2009 and was followed by an in-depth inquiry over March-April 2010."

Filer received an additional 5 year sentence for conspiracy to manufacture P and possession for supply, 4years for possession of drugs found on him when he was arrested, 3 years for offering to supply and 2 years for supplying the drug to a customer. He will serve the lesser sentences concurrently with the 18 year sentence.

Glenn Tinsley said "Our inquiry established Filer and a co-offender, 56-year-old Aucklander, Steven John Mehrtens, had manufactured 3-4kgs of methamphetamine, with an estimated street value of $3-4 million. Mehrtens was granted electronic bail at the time but absconded and during a four-week-trial carried out in his absence was found guilty of drug dealing offences."

Mr Tinsley said the investigation into Filer's activities had uncovered links not only to organised crime in Auckland but Asian based criminal specialists who provided the pre-cursor materials necessary in the manufacturing of 'P'.

"But it's not just the high-end organised criminal groups affected by this success, dishonesty offending across the Thames-Coromandel and Hauraki areas is expected to reduce because the people purchasing P from these offenders were doing so with cash obtained from the sale of stolen property such as televisions, electronics and vehicles.

"It's the Scott Filers' of this world and people like him that supply our young people with these strongly addictive and destructive drugs and it's pleasing to know in this case that a significant supply of these drugs into the Coromandel has been disrupted."

While reflecting that Filer would be spending several years in prison Mr Tinsley said the investigation team wanted to tidy up a significant 'loose thread' in the case and see Mehrtens face sentencing for the crimes he had committed.

"Mehrtens is a 56-year-old Caucasian male about 177cm tall of medium build with a distinctive large lump or growth on the right side of his neck."