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Posted by Gold FM on 25/09/2012


Mike Hill is a photographer who is snapping up accolades and awards faster than you can say 'cheese' these days. He's just returned from Christchurch with a 'Master of Photography' tucked into his camera case along with 2 silver and 7 bronze awards.

After being at home for a couple of days he said in his blog " I feel like I am going to explode, so much in my head and thankfully I won't explode or it would be a huge clean up ha ha!"

Mike said he had 3 prints entered into the Landscape section of the Epson / NZIPP Iris Professional Photographers Awards and his first image to be judged scored a bronze. "I was slightly sad at this as it has a lot of meaning for me. A bronze is still great, but you never enter to get a bronze when you have your heart in it. The next image up for me was one of Waihi beach, a moody seascape. Anyone that knows me, knows I am all about my homeland and ever so proud to be a local at Waihi Beach. So as this print came up to be judged I could feel myself starting to shake a little with nerves, I got up and moved to the back of the room as I could not handle it, scared of failure for an image that means so much to me. The judges stared long at it, that’s a good thing. No comments or debate at all, awarded Silver and a little fist pump from me, stoked", he said.

Portraits are becoming a specialty for Mike these days and you can see why when you see some of his photos. Check out the awesome shot of Moe and the boys from the Volunteer Waihi Fire Service, along with a sample of Mike's award winners.

We're stoked for you too Mike. Congratulations!

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