Shona Laing To Perform At Waikino

Posted by Gold FM on 17/08/2012

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The hugely humble and immensely talented Shona Laing called in this morning to chat about her gig at the Waikino Station Cafe tonight. She'll be working alongside her friend, music teacher Jane Egan. A cosy fire, delicious food and one of New Zealand's most respected singer song writers sharing her songs in an intimate atmosphere is a great way to spend a Friday night!

It was fascinating to learn the background to the well known Kiwi classic 'Drive Baby Drive', which charted in New Zealand in 1987. Most people could relate to Shona's description about where the song came from. She said "it goes hand in hand with another song she wrote called "Highway Warriors' which was a serious song about the road toll, and 'Drive Baby Drive' is about how people sometimes get in their cars when they're emotionally distraught" and run away from an argument. Learning about the origins of a song from the writer can add a different dimension and add another layer for future 'listens'.

Shona has exciting plans in the pipeline and although she was a little hesitant to talk publicly about her upcoming project she is very excited about it. The idea of hearing some of New Zealand's best singers and groups performing Shona's songs will whet the appetite of her fans for the release of an album early next year. Hello Sailor, Jordan Luck, Annie Crummer, Sharon O'Neil and Don McGlashan are just some of the 19 iconic Kiwi artists who will feature on the album.

Jane Egan, who is performing tonight as well, is a passionate muso and teacher of music at Gisborne Girls High School. She's very excited about having one of the bands she mentors gaining a place in the top finals for the Pacifica Beats competition. She's a busy lady who plays several instruments in her own band, sings and write her own songs. She's also one of Shona's biggest fans and has spent hours cataloguing all of Shona's work. Jane described Shona as "an absolute genius and said it's been really exciting going through the back catalogue because she's got to see the development and other than Shona she probably knows her music better than anyone."

A few laughs were had this morning on the Gold FM Breakfast Show particularly when 'harmonica man' was brought up. You had to be there, but it's a great story that's worth hearing. Take a listen to the audio below. Allow a few moments for the file to play.

And here's a link to Shona's soundcloud page.

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