Santa Claus Came to Town!

Posted by Gold FM on 10/12/2012


The Go Waihi Christmas Parade went off without a hitch last Saturday.

The weather had been threatening to 'rain on the parade' all week, but come Saturday morning the dirty grey weather started to turn to happy blue after 10 and it was all on.

Although the weather forecast put some would be 'floaters' off the stalwarts mustered up the troops and got the job done. They presented an array of floats that would make any city proud.

Go Waihi co-coordinator Brian Gentil said, "The decision had been made to go on with the parade 'rain or shine' and Santa, the sun and the people came out on the day".

A huge thanks to everybody involved", Brian said.

"From the float makers to the truck drivers, Waihi Lions and Stand fast Judo Club, HDC, and to the shops who put in the effort to enliven the town with stalls, sales and specials - a BIG thank you! The trucking companies like Carter's Contractors and Edwards Transport deserve special thanks for making their trucks and drivers available. It's this sort of support that helps to bring the whole day together. As always, it's great to have Harcourt’s Waihi aboard. Their generous sponsorship goes straight back into the community as prizes".

A BIG thanks also goes to Ian Purden Photography for the fabulous memories of the Go Waihi Christmas Parade 2012 with Harcourts Real Estate Waihi. For high resolution pictures contact Ian.

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