Rhys Frees Orca

Posted by Gold FM on 08/02/2012

Free Morgan the orca 2 crop

There was a dramatic rescue just off the coast at Hahei yesterday, after an Orca became entangled in a cray pot rope.

Local diver Rhys Cochrane went to it's aid after DoC alerted him to the Orca's situation.

Mr Cochrane said the Orca was tired and distressed by the time he arrived and had cuts and abrasions on it's face and body, with a bleeding tail. It was continually calling and when he dived down he could see that the Orca was caught in the cray pot buoy rope by it's tail and had to keep dragging the pot off the bottom to enable it to surface and breathe.

He used a knife to cut the Orca loose and said that it stayed still the whole time he was working to free it and seemed to know that he was trying to help. Up to 6 other Orca stayed with the caught animal and they didn't react as they would in the wild so it was as if they knew that he was helping too.

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