Reporting Debris Gets Beach Cleaned Quickly

Posted by Gold FM on 19/01/2012

Braemar Howells recovery team say they are grateful to the people who have reported plywood and MDF washing ashore along Waihi Beach. Knowing where the debris comes ashore helps to get the beach cleaned quickly.

The ply and MDF was washed up mainly around the Waihi Surf Club end of the beach and some has washed up along other areas.

At Bowentown Heads about 50 bags have been filled with latex gloves that washed ashore.

Divers plan to attach a line to a container at Anzac Bay in Bowentown so it can be winched ashore and unloaded before being cut up and removed.

Clean up crews have been working again today at Mount Maunganui, Matakana, Leisure Island, Motiti Island and Waihi.

Significant numbers of dead birds were found yesterday and they've been sent away for analysis to see whether the deaths have been caused by the Rena incident or are natural occurances. The birds were mostly found around the Opotiki area.

So far the Braemar Howells recovery team have handled 64 containers since the Rena broke apart.

Recovery team working on Matakana Island today