Rena Work Progressing

Posted by Maritime New Zealand on 08/02/2012

rena salvage 600 x 400

The work being done to salvage the Rena wreck is progressing. Here's the latest update from Maritime New Zealand.


  • Svitzer salvage teams yesterday focused on the labour-intensive task of emptying containers of wood on the bow section of the Rena, and preparing the bundles of timber for removal by helicopter.
  • Salvors also worked on securing hatch covers on the bow section which had been observed moving with the swell late last week. This work is ongoing.
  • No dive operations were undertaken yesterday due to the swell, but it is hoped divers will be able to resume inspecting the stern section today.
  • Wind and swell conditions are forecast to ease today and remain good until Friday.
  • Work will continue today on removing the timber and securing hatch covers. Salvors also expect to begin installing scaffolding to assist with the removal of the content of the remaining refrigerated containers on the deck of the bow section.

Containers and debris recovery

  • Braemar Howells teams have received 479 containers removed from Rena by salvors and a further 70 recovered from the sea and beaches, making a total of 549 now ashore.
  • Heli-lifting of debris from Matakana Island will take place tomorrow and Friday
  • A survey of the Motiti Island beach line will be conducted over the next two days in preparation for more clean-up operations.

Oil spill response

  • Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Teams are doing surveys on Motiti Island and areas towards the East Cape today, checking for areas that have been previously affected by oil or following up on reports from the public.
  • Yesterday, the teams identified some areas affected by oil that may require further clean-up work – these have been logged and will be followed up by clean-up teams once the surveys are complete.
  • A total of 50 oil spill responders are working on clean-up operations in the field today - 26 on Matakana Island, 16 on Mount Maunganui, 16 on Leisure Island and 8 on Rabbit Island.

To report sightings of oil - 0800 OIL SPILL (0800 645 774)

To report sightings of oiled wildlife - 0800 333 771

To report sightings of containers or container debris - 0800 333 771

Public health queries 0800 611 116

Iwi liaison 0800 AWHI ME (0800 294 463)