Rena Salvage Continues

Posted by Bay Of Plenty regional Council on 25/01/2012

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  • The priority for the Svitzer salvage team continues to be the removal of containers from the bow section of Rena.
  • Salvors yesterday removed 29 packets of wood, and 9 tonnes of container lashing equipment from the bow section yesterday. These were lifted off by helicopter as conditions did not allow the barge Smit Borneo close enough to the wreck to transfer by crane.
  • Dive inspections are continuing to assess the submerged stern section, to assess the next steps of the salvage operation.
  • The dive inspections are also surveying the surrounding reef to assess the easiest access points for Smit Borneo.
  • Weather conditions at Astrolabe Reef remain fine today, with clear weather forecast for the next few days.

 Container and debris recovery

  •  The first of the Rena containers located by sonar have been identified. Three containers were visually identified by Braemar Howells staff yesterday. All were empty and a check against the cargo manifest confirmed that none were carrying goods at the time of the Rena grounding.
  • All were on the seabed between the wreck and Motiti Island.
  • Salvor divers have also identified a fourth container on the seabed near the wreck.
  • More than 300 Braemar staff and contractors are working on various debris and container clean-up operations. This includes those involved in debris removal, manning vessels, machinery operators, waste depot workers, and transport and crane operators.
  • Today’s scope of work includes a continued clean-up at Shelley Bay, and removal of skips of debris from Matakana Island. Meanwhile, debris was collected from Slipper Island in the Coromandel yesterdayPhoto Maritime New Zealand

 Oil spill response

  •  Teams of local volunteers are undertaking oil spill clean-up operations at Matakana Island for the next two days.
  • Around 30 oil spill responders are working on clean-up operations at Mount Maunganui and Leisure Island.
  • Another team of oil spill responders is working at Kauri Point where shoreline clean-up assessment teams identified some oil submerged under sea lettuce earlier in the week.


  •  There have been no oiled birds found by wildlife patrols over the past week.
  • 25 little blue penguins and 2 grey faced petrels remain in care at Massey University – these will be released back in the Bay of Plenty when their health and their habitats are ready.
  • Work is continuing on the removal of the Te Maunga facility which will be completely removed by the end of the week. Some oiled wildlife response equipment, including the large containers which formed the hub of the facility, will remain in Tauranga in the event the response team needs to rebuild the centre.