Property Policy Delay Concerns Other Groups

Posted by Gold FM on 02/03/2012


DRAT is not the only group that has concerns the release date for Newmont Waihi Gold's Property Policy has been delayed.

Other residents who have also been to several meetings with Newmont Waihi Gold, the Mayor, the WERG (Waihi East Ratepayers Group) and representatives of the local real estate industry, say they discussed the need for Newmont to release their Property Policy before their resource consent application for the next step in their expansion plans is notified.

The group's spokesperson Anne Marie Spicer said “ By sticking together they are a greater force and even though they have their differences there are many things that they all agree on."

"We hope that Newmont will do this for Waihi in good faith, given that we have been waiting for this policy for a long time now and understand that it is now finalised".

"We will continue to meet collectively in the future and have further developments in the pipeline which I think will be good for the community. We all feel strongly that the property policy should cover all areas where underground workings take place, not just Correnso, and that this policy should be transportable in the future - I would hate to think that the Waihi Community would have to go through something like this each and every time a new mining proposal takes place".

Another resident, Ruth Ordish, says "mining under personal property is a new way of operating being proposed by Newmont, and therefore is of national importance".

Under the Resource Management Act, once an application for a Resource Consent has been received by Council and Council is satisfied that the application can proceed, it is then publicly notified. Anyone who wishes to can submit in support, opposition or by way of neutral submission. A submission can be made on a form available from the Council offices or can be written personally, so long as it includes all of the information that is required.

There is concern that if the Property Policy is not released until after the resource consent application for Correnso is notified, the different groups and the public will only have 20 working days or less to digest the information, decide whether they agree with it or not and prepare submissions.

The closing date for making submissions will be specified in the public notice. Section 97 of the RMA prescribes that submissions will close on the 20th working day after public or limited notification of the application. This period may only be extended by using sections 37 and 37A of the Resource Management Act if there are special circumstances, or the applicant agrees.

Newmont say while they're aware that people are waiting for their Property Policy there's been a delay because of technical studies taking longer than anticipated and the amount of community feedback has resulted in changes being made to incorporate the views of all the different groups.

The plan is to brief the community groups about it in the first week of March and then release the full policy once the consent application for Correnso is lodged towards the end of March.

Newmont Waihi Gold says they believe the resulting policy will strike the right balance between all the different options and provide long term social and economic benefit to the Waihi community as well as provide sustainable benefit for individual households and property owners.

The policy will be delivered to all Waihi residences and will also be available at the Golden Link Information Office on Seddon Street.