Prime Minister John Key Interview

Posted by Gold FM on 16/03/2012

john key

Prime Minister John Key gave us a ring this morning as he was travelling to Thames. Brian Gentil asked him about the 'Super Ministry' and state sector reforms.

He also asked about changes that are creating centralised services, like the restricted drivers license testing being moved to bigger towns.

Are we allowed to buy land in China like they can do here in New Zealand?

The problems with the Euro and whether it's a good or bad idea for New Zealand to have a shared currency with other countries.

Is there any likelihood of a 'Super City' like status being created by combining smaller towns and districts?

Is the increase in employment in the USA a sign of better things on the horizon for New Zealand?

And, on a lighter note. What did he have for breakfast?

What's his favourite fruit?

When was the last time he had a quiet night with his family?

Are there any VIP's coming to New Zealand this year?

What's the best thing about New Zealand?

What piece of advise would the Prime  Minister give to the average kiwi bloke and blokess in these times?

Hear what the Prime Minister had to say.

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