Police Seeing Pink Over Drink

Posted by on 14/08/2012


Waikato Police are concerned too many women are getting behind the wheel of motor vehicles intoxicated after an alcohol focused operation left them seeing pink over drink.

Of nine drivers found over the legal alcohol limit in parts of the Waikato district over the weekend, seven were women.

"The highest reading was from a 32-year-old student whose car collided with a parked trailer. She drove off and was located by Police at an address later. When she was breathalysed she returned a breath alcohol result of 1108mgms.

If that wasn't bad enough, late on Friday afternoon a member of the public phoned *555 to report a car driving slowly and swerving in its lane.

When the car was stopped the 29-year-old female driver had a learner licence and was already wanted by Police for service of a demerit point license suspension.

The woman, who was wearing a seatbelt when stopped, returned a breath alcohol reading of 1007mgms but the officer who stopped her was appalled to find two children, aged three and five years old, sitting unrestrained in the back seat. A man sitting in the front passenger seat had also been drinking but he also had the presence of mind to have his seatbelt on.

"As a Police officer I have to ask where people's minds are at when they can drink heavily but still have the presence of mind to put their seat belts on but give no thought to the risks posed to the children in the back left unrestrained while being driven by a drunk driver," Officer Juliet Burgess, who heads the Huntly Strategic Traffic Unit said.

Ms Burgess said the member of the public who saw something and then did something by ringing *555 and advising Police, prevented a potential tragedy.

"Friday afternoon's incident is a situation where other, older family members allowed young children to be put at risk. Keeping people safe from the risks posed by drinking and driving isn't just the responsibility of the Police, it's the responsibility of all of the community to send a message that drinking and driving is not OK."

In Waihi, a woman driver who was stopped last Wednesday evening blew 650 mgms and the vehicle she was driving was impounded when it was discovered she was forbidden to drive.