Police Report 20/11/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 20/11/2012

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Senior Constable Bryce Cockerton reported in about Police happenings this morning on the Gold FM Breakfast Show.

Tyres are being slashed with several reports coming in over the past week. Cars have been attacked in School Lane, Mueller Street, Seddon Street, Johnston Street, Kenny Street, Gilmore Street and by the Events Centre.Young boys were seen running away from a vehicle after one of the incidents. If you know anything the Police would like to hear from you.

A man was arrested after his DNA was picked up from a car break-in some time ago. He will appear in the Waihi District Court.

Two men are appearing in court on fraud charges for using ATM cards without authorisation. They helped themselves to other people's cards. One of the men stole from his own family member.

Four cars were broken into in the Johnstone Street, Consols Street, Station Road area. Goods were taken from the cars and unfortunately some of them had been left unlocked.

Senior Constable Cockerton didn't have the information this morning but we've just been told that Health Plus Gym and Waihi Whiteware were broken into in Martha Street last night. A private dwelling in Moresby Avenue was also visited by thieves.

If you have any information or see anything suspicious please contact the Police straight away. Phone 07 863 8179 or the anonymous Crime Stppers line on 0800 555 111.

Listen to the full Police Report interview below. Allow a few moments for the audio to open and play.

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