Police File: Donuts, Fakes, A Toilet, Burglaries and Scams

Posted by Gold FM on 21/02/2012

fake 100 bill

Police Senior Sergeant Rex Knight called in for his regular weekly slot to bring us up to speed with happenings around the district over the past week.

He was particularly disturbed by an incident where a driver was doing 360 degree donuts in a residential area on a Saturday afternoon. The man was over the alcohol limit and was arrested for drink driving, driving while disqualified, reckless driving and sustained loss of traction.

He warned the public to beware of phone calls from people with noticable accents who claim that they can fix your computer. If you get these sorts of calls they're scams. Hang up on any suspicious caller and don't give any of your personal information out over the phone. There are also a number of spam emails being sent out reportedly representing banks and the IRD. Banks and government departments like the IRD will never ask you for information via an email. Don't open suspicious emails. Delete them immediately and inform the bank or IRD.

A house at the beach that was being renovated was broken into and a complete toilet system removed. If you saw anything let the Police know.

The Waihi Countdown Supermarket was broken into early Sunday morning at 1.20 am, and cigarettes and mobile phones were stolen. Anybody in the vicinity at the time who thinks they may have information or anyone who's heard anything is encouraged to contact the Police.

A counterfeit $100 bill was passed at the BP service station last week so keep your eyes out for fake notes and again report it to the Police.

Remember you can always use the 'Crime Stoppers' anonymous free phone to report anything on 0800 555 111, and always in emergencies dial 111 immediately.

Hear the full Police report here.