Police File 31/07/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 31/07/2012

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The Armed Offenders Squad was called out last Thursday after the Waihi Police received reports of a bullet being fired in Clarke Street. Sergeant Dave Litton said this morning that two youths were preparing to go hunting and had taken a high powered rifle out and loaded it which should never happen. He said the gun should only be loaded when it's going to used.

One youth had a firearm license and should have known better said Sergeant Litton.

The bullet that was discharged from the 303 rifle went through three walls in a house opposite before stopping. Sergeant Litton said the gun can bring down a big animal and could definitely have taken someone out which is why the event was treated seriously. The youths were oblivious to the chaos they created as they went on their hunting trip and didn't return until the next day.

Meantime houses in the neighbourhood had their doors kicked in and properties were searched by the Armed Offenders in an effort to locate the firearm and find out the reason for it being fired in a residential area.

When the youths returned home on Friday they were taken down to the Waihi Police Station by the Armed Offenders Dave Litton said.

Boy racers are causing problems again and the police are asking for the public to get as much information as they can if they see reckless driving. If possible record the registration, make and model of the car and get a description of the person driving Sergeant Litton said. It's a good idea to be able to identify the driver so taking notice of what they're wearing can help to apprehend someone. Often a car can be located but no-one will admit to being the driver Dave Litton said.

There have been no burglaries in the Waihi area for two weeks. Dave Litton said two 'movers and shakers' had been removed from the town and this has made a big difference to crime locally.

Anyone willing to act as extra ears and eyes for the police is encouraged to become a Community Patrol volunteer. The Waihi Police are happy to hear from willing people. Phone 07 863 8179 for more details.

Hear Sergeant Dave Litton talking to Brian Gentil about the Police Report here. Allow a few moments for the audio to open.

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