Police File 26/06/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 26/06/2012

What a week! Attempted robbery, robbery, break ins, a murder investigation, stolen bikes, property disputes, shotguns, tomahawks, axes, methanol and acetone theft, assault, burglary, attempted burglary, the list goes on!!!

The Waihi Police have had a "bizarre " week and some of the incidents have left the Police feeling very frustrated.

The investigation into the attempted robbery of Waihi Mobil and the Park Road Dairy robbery is making headway. A teenage male with links to Waihi has been charged with offences while another three people have been identified as being involved.

The murder enquiry in Paeroa is ongoing and Rex Knight said as far as he's aware the Waihi incident was not connected.

A series of events that can only be described as out of the ordinary occurred during the week.

Senior Sergeant Rex Knight is off to East Timor in an advisory capacity and after the last week he said "rock throwing and people drinking Beetle Nut juice might be quite a good change".

The only way to tell the story of the past week's incidents is to listen to what Mr Knight has to say.

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