Police File 25/09/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 26/09/2012

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It's always a pleasure to meet someone new and we enjoyed speaking to Acting Sergeant Lara Beisly on our Police File this week.

Lara usually looks after the Community Constable's job in Paeroa and said she was quite shocked with the low incident rate in Waihi over the past week, because it's been quite peaceful in town.

Driving on a suspended license is not a good idea and two drivers have inconvenienced their family or friends by doing just that and causing the vehicles they were driving to be impounded. Acting Sergeant Beisley said it can be a costly exercise and " it always pays to check that the person you're lending your car to has a current driver's license, or you may end up without a car". There is a cost for the car to be impounded and the owner of the car will be out of pocket.

Lara shared a good news story about two men seen at PGG Wrightsons in Katikati purchasing glassware and chemicals, which are commonly used to manufacture methamphetamine. Staff became suspicious and after the men left the store the Waihi Police were alerted that they were heading towards Waihi.

The Waihi Police apprehended the car and after searching the vehicle a quantity of methamphetamine was found. Glassware and chemicals were also found in the car, which pointed towards a methamphetamine cooking session being planned.

The men, who don't live in Waihi, have been charged with a variety of serious offences. Lara said they were passing through on a 'shopping spree' collecting chemicals and glassware.

Farming stores and hardware stores know what to look out for and staff become suspicious when people ask for certain bits of glassware and chemicals that are used to manufacture methamphetamine, Acting Sergeant Beisly said. Because the staff at the Katikati PGG Wrightsons were very quick at ringing the Police it enabled them to catch the men as they came through she added.

A 72 year old man, whose wife was admitted to hospital, was reported missing on Saturday morning and Police held fears for his safety. He was confused about his wife's whereabouts and condition so concerned neighbours called Police when they couldn't find him. A variety of neighbours and people, including the Salvation Army, helped by giving the Police information that provided them with areas to search and people to phone. He was found safe and well on Monday evening when he returned home, which was a great result.

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