Police File 22/08/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 22/08/2012


Community Constable Holly Warner sat in for Senior Sergeant Rex Knight this week on the Gold FM Police File. She's been away policing in Hamilton for the past three months and said she'd hit the decks running when she got back to Waihi.

A successful search warrant resulted in the discovery of an indoor growing operation in Kenny Street last week.

A man who decide to assault his girlfriend's car ended up in the lock up for wilful damage.

A female who had been arrested and then released on bail was taken into custody again for breaching her bail conditions. Holly Warner said the options are you are bailed, or remain in custody, and if you don't abide by your bail conditions you will end up back in custody, which is what happened on Friday night.

A couple of young males were arrested at a party on Union Street last Saturday night. One was charged with obstruction and the other with disorderly behaviour.

EBA stands for Excess Breath Alcohol and checkpoints stopped two drivers who failed the EBA test.One was stopped in Barry Road and the other on Seaforth Road at Waihi Beach. Constable Warner said that it's not a good idea to go driving the morning after if you've had a heavy night on the alcohol. It can remain in the system for quite some time and people need to be aware of that.

The Police File will be back next week at 10 past 8 on Tuesday morning.