Police File 18/09/2012 - Vandals On The Tiles

Posted by Gold FM on 18/09/2012


Waihi Community Constable Holly Warner came into the Gold FM studios this morning to talk about the Police work happening in the district over the past week.

It's disappointing that vandals have been busy. Idle hands with small minds have been creating big damage around the Pumphouse area. Many of the tiles that were hand made by Waihi school students have been smashed recently. The Rangatira statue at the top of the Pumphouse hill has also been vandalised. The patu and taiaha the Rangatira holds have both been damaged. If anyone saw anything suspicious or hears anything that could lead to the people who did the damage being apprehended, please contact the Waihi Police.

Lessons are still not being learnt about drink driving. Yet another 3 drivers have been caught driving under the influence of excess alcohol.

The Police are asking for information about a suspicious vehicle which was sighted on Corlett Road. It's a Black Nissan Navara utility with the registration plate EKM 418. Phone 07 863 8179 if you have anything to report about the vehicle.

Constable Warner also said more volunteers are needed to help out with Community Patrols. It doesn't have to take up a lot of time, a few hours a week would be a great help she said.The Police are interested in hearing from anyone with the necessary skills to assist with co-ordinating the service as well.

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