Police File 15/05/2012 - Youths 11 to 14 Involved in Lovell Family Home Burglary

Posted by Gold FM on 15/05/2012


Waihi Senior Sergeant Rex Knight reported this morning that a group of youths aged between 11 and 14 years of age are helping Police with their enquiries into the Lovell family home burglary and vandalism recently. Warrants were executed in Union, Barry and Walker Streets yesterday. Mr Knight said a couple of the youths involved went back several times to the property to steal property and create havoc.

Because of the offenders ages Senior Sergeant Knight said Police are "a little bit ham-strung by the law and legislation" and "we're just working now to reach the relevant threshold and take whatever action needs to be taken".

A man was arrested for a breach of a protection order and another Waihi man was arrested for breaching a restraining order, while yet another man was arrested for a breach of bail conditions.

Hear the full details.

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