Police File 09/10/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 09/10/2012

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Waihi Police Senior Sergeant Rex Knight called in for our weekly Police File with Brian Gentil on the Gold FM Breakfast Show this morning.

Waihi Beach homeowners received uninvited visitors last week. An alarm went off at a property on Shaw Road, and although Police don't think the home was entered a front window was tagged. On Friday a house was entered and a wallet was taken from Pacific Road.

Rex Knight said traditionally October seems to be a busy month for the Police locally. They get a spike of thefts and burglaries so if you see anything suspicious report it to the Police immediately. You can call the anonymous 0800 555 111 Crime Stoppers number or contact the Waihi Police on 07 863 8179. The Waihi Beach Police can be reached on 07 863 5236.

In town a Margaret Street address was broken into and a laptop and camera along with other small items were taken last Friday.

Senior Sergeant Knight said receivers are as bad as the thieves. Usually dishonesty crime is to feed a habit. Most often a drug habit, and if we didn't have receivers we wouldn't have burglaries.

A local Waihi male was found to be one and a half times over the legal drink driving limit when he was stopped last week. Senior Sergeant Rex Knight gave out some good advice. Forward planning if you're going to have a few drinks is recommended.

A motorcyclist came off second best when a car pulled out of a Give Way intersection on Seddon Avenue last week collecting the rider and motorcycle. The rider of the bike was taken to hospital and was lucky to escape serious injury. Rex Knight said it was a bad judgement call by the car driver that caused the accident.

A Waikino male was taken into custody last week. He was on home detention, began behaving badly and assaulted someone quite seriously. He has now lost his home detention status and been sent to prison.

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