Police File 06/03/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 06/03/2012

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Waihi Police Senior Sergeant Rex Knight says there’s been some unusual crime happening in the last few weeks. Vehicles and trailers are being stolen, and out of the ordinary things are being targeted by thieves.

A van stolen from Hamilton was recovered after being dumped near Karangahake and a Ford Laser was stolen close to where the van was found. The Ford Laser was found later the same day on Crean Road, off State Highway 2.

Cars have been stolen from Waihi Beach as well and Senior Sergeant Knight said “these things are probably linked”. A Toyota Surf stolen from Waihi beach was sighted near Tairua.

The thieves are highly mobile and doing things to hide their identity and the vehicles they’re driving, which are being used for crime, Mr Knight said. Registration labels are being targeted along with license plates.

A man fishing at Anzac Bay came back to his vehicle to find his license plates had been stolen.The car was broken into and items were taken, and the Police say the van that was recovered from Karangahake had also had the plates removed.

Senior Sergeant Rex Knight reminded people that anyone caught driving while disqualified will have their vehicle impounded for 28 days. And if you let someone in your family, or a friend drive your car who is suspended from driving, then your car will be impounded.

If you need to contact the Waihi Police you can phone them on 863 8179 and if you want to make an anonymous call you can always phone Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

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