Police File 04/09/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 04/09/2012


Senior Sergeant Rex Knight phoned in for the Police File this morning. After a quiet time with robberies lately a Gold FM staff house was invaded last Wednesday and goods were stolen. This is the second time the house has been targeted by thieves in less than a year. The same sorts of items stolen last time were taken again. The owners of the property say they feel very violated by the theft and will be glad to see the robbers in court when they're found. Senior Sergeant Knight said it's important people take in what they see as it can help to reduce this sort of crime.

Four drunk drivers were apprehended over the past week. Rex said two women and two men were caught over the limit. Two were stopped at a checkpoint and two were charged after being randomly stopped.

Police have been following up on a breach of the liquor ban at Waihi Beach on Wilson Road, an arrest warrant and they're asking for information about a theft from a vehicle at the Bowentown ramp. A man who had gone fishing came back to his car at around 11 am and found personal items and car stereo equipment gone.

A generator was stolen from a property at Trigg Road and Police are keen to hear from anyone who may be able to help them with any of their enquiries. He said if you see anything suspicious you should take an interest, get a description and if possble take car registration numbers.

They can be contacted on 07 863 8179. Don't forget if it's an emergency dial 111.

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