Numbers Man Bhavesh Ranchhod Adds Up To Five

Posted by Gold FM on 21/09/2012

bhavesh ranchhod

Gold FM invited the newly appointed Waihi Community Forum representative Bhavesh Ranchhod into the studio this morning for a chat. Bhavesh was born and raised in Waihi and is a well known 'accountant about town'. He will bring his unique set of skills to the forum overseeing the Property Policy that Newmont Waihi Gold developed as a result of consultation about their mining proposal in Waih's East end.

Bhavesh lives outside the Waihi East area which is a prerequisite for the positionhe has. The other 4 community representatives on the Waihi Community Forum live within the Golden Link Project Area, Waihi East. Harry Shepherd and Sel Baker, Waihi Ward Councillors are representing the Hauraki District Council on the forum and Sefton Darby and Donna Fisher have been appointed to the forum by Newmont Waihi Gold.

Brian Gentil asked Bhavesh what motivated him to put his name forward for the forum and he said after looking at what skills the current members had he thought he could contribute something that wasn't already there. "I'd like to think we have a broad range of skills now, and I think that's probably why the other members chose me as well - to bring that mix in", Bhavesh said.

The reason that Bhavesh didn't have to go through the election process that the other members went through was because it was decided not to have two separate elections, because of the cost.

Bhavesh said "there was concern about confusion at election time because the one member from outside of the East end also needed to be a ratepayer so in effect you would have ended up with two sections in the voting and there was concern about invalid votes and the like".

The first full meeting of the Waihi Community Forum was held last night and there's already been a lot of work done, "so I'm running now to catch up with everyone" Bhavesh said.

A memorandum of understanding is being set up and planning is taking place to push ahead with the duties the forum will perform.

Push play and allow a few moments for the audio to open to listen to the interview.

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