Nightmare Home Invasion Shatters Grieving Family's Holiday

Posted by Gold FM on 07/05/2012


The Lovell family have had a hellish year. Dad Simon lost his mum and grandmother in an horrific car accident less than a year ago and just a few weeks ago his wife Tina lost her mum as well.

A trip to Fiji was to have been an escape from the anguish of the last year for the family to relax, unwind from all of the stress of the past and enjoy each other's company.

Their dream holiday with their 5 kids turned into a nightmare when Simon received a call from the Police telling him their home had been vandalised. He said he didn't know what to think when he received the call, as hearing the Police on the line brought back memories of the awful news he'd heard when his mum and grandmother died, and even though it was yet another tragedy for the family, he said once he got over his initial anger on hearing their home had been broken into and vandalised, he was relieved that it was 'things' they had lost this time.

Some time around the 29th of April intruders forced their way into the Lovell family home and set about trying to destroy everything they could. Walls were littered with graffitti and comments. Furniture was slashed. Flour was strewn through electrical appliances, their clothing in drawers was urinated on and the house and it's contents trashed and vandalised. Sauces, nail polish, cooking oil, flour and eggs were also used to create the mess. The intruders even took their own eggs which gives the impression that the attack was premeditated.

Simon said it's hard for the kids, as his daughter is having difficulty sleeping, and his young boys are lashing out, which is something they've never done before. He also said he has been really grateful for the support of the Waihi community, as he's had so many offers of help.

We asked him what he needed and he said at this stage they're still working through things and the support has been tremendous.

Some of the damage done to the Lovell family's Kitchener Street home.

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