Newmont Waihi Gold Update 30/08/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 30/08/2012

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Newmont Waihi Gold has released the report into the underground truck fire at their Trio underground mine on the 17th of July.

The report includes a description of the event, a summary of key findings, a chronology of events leading up to the fire and the actions undertaken as a result of the investigation.

A separate review of staff actions during the emergency was also conducted. One staff member who was underground at the time of the incident and who did not follow emergency procedures was dismissed following a disciplinary hearing.

The full report and media release.

Sefton Darby spoke to Brian Gentil about the report this morning. He also talked about the Resource Consent Application for the Golden Link Project which includes the Correnso underground mine, saying "the clock is ticking".

Submissions close on Friday the 28th of September and the Hauraki District Council has appointed resource management professional Peter Crawford to assist those wanting to know how the process is undertaken to ensure that meaningful submissions can be written. The Council has been very clear that Mr Crawford will not be helping to write submissions.

Sefton clarified misinformation that has been circulating in some media reports about the worker dismissed for not following correct emergency procedures.

He reminded residents in the Waihi East about the EECA programme that is being offered for homes that qualify for free insulation.

There are more details at

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