Newmont Waihi Gold Update 29/11/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 29/11/2012

kit wilson

Kit Wilson was 'Johnny on the spot' this morning when he came in to talk about Newmont happenings. He said the house sales issue brought up by Terry Podmore of WERGI earlier in the morning on Gold FM is a complex mix.

He answered some questions we had for him and said it's good that the Golden Link/Correnso Project hearing is in Waihi at the Waihi Memorial Hall and it's good that people have the chance to say what they think.

Click play below and allow the audio to open to hear the full interview with Kit Wilson.

This week Newmont Waihi Gold ask ‘What makes A Town?’ in their Update.

They’ve identified five key ingredients and delve into Newmont’s contribution in those areas.

They financially assisted 66 community groups, organisations or individuals last year.

When they did a tally they discovered 172 staff or their partners are actively involved in various local sports organisations.

Native trees and shrubs have been popping up on their work sites and around Waihi. To date 170,410 have been planted by Newmont in the last five years.

Insulation has either been installed or organised to be installed in 209 Waihi East homes at no cost to homeowners or tenants.

And then there are the 400 staff and contractors employed by Newmont Waihi Gold. Did you know 650 people in Waihi and the surrounding area rely in some way on the mine for part of their income?

Newmont spent over half a million dollars on public infrastructure, such as walkways last year and donated a significant amount of money to local schools.

You can find out more in the Newmont Waihi Gold Update here

Visit their website to learn more about the company and their operations and you can call into their Golden Link Information Office on Seddon Street.

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