Newmont Waihi Gold Update 22/11/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 22/11/2012

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In this weeks Newmont Waihi Gold update they provide a summary of the recommendations the Environment Court made on the Martha Exploration Project.

They also explain why the application to vary their Martha mining license went straight to the Environment Court rather than being heard through the Resource Management Act process.

Objectors have one month to appeal points of law to the Environment Court and then the recommendations will be passed on the Minister of Energy and Resources, Phil Heatley to approve before work can start.

The Newmont Waihi Gold Update is available to read in its entirety here

External Affairs Manager Sefton Darby came into the Gold FM studio for his weekly discussion about Newmont's activities this morning. He said  "Judge Harland and the Environment Court hearing for the Martha Exploration Project clearly showed that we have made the effort to consult properly, that the Property Policy addresses all the issues raised and that the kind of conditions that people like Catherine Delahunty were trying to seek just weren't appropriate." He explained that there are still a few more steps to go through before the operation can start and what they are.

He answered questions that included one about the proposed lake in the Martha pit, and another about discharges into the Ohinemuri River. "The only thing we put into the Ohinemuri is drinking quality water", Sefton said.

Questions about Waihi East and Trio came up this morning as well.

Sefton was quite happy to answer the questions and said he's only been to Perth twice in the last year when asked; why does Newmont senior staff travel to Perth so often?

Sefton explained that there are advantages in being able to draw on the expertise overseas and with the amount of money that is going to be invested in the coming project it makes sense to be accountable.

What was happening with men in high-viz on Monday?

Why does there seem to be more production blasts in Trio at the moment?

What about pay-outs to people who 'shout the loudest'?

Vent shaft noise and night time conditions came up as well?

Have a listen.

If you'd like more information about Newmont's activities you can visit their website or call into their Golden Link Information Centre on Seddon Street. Click play and allow a few moments for the audio to open.

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