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Posted by Gold FM on 08/11/2012

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This week Newmont Waihi Gold responds to ten things they say have come up in their discussions with the community.

Property values or rateable valuations reducing has been one of the concerns expressed.

Transparency and being able to understand the AEP have been brought up.

Programmes that will improve Waihi East as a whole and the Waihi East School remaining a hub for the East community are other issues.

Newmont says concerns have been raised about 'back room deals' and some people want 'cash up front'. They disagree with handing out cash to disgruntled homeowners just because they've announced their plans to mine under Waihi East. We all want Waihi to be a working town and a community town, not a 'where's my cheque town' they say in their update.

You can read the Newmont Waihi Gold Update here

The update titled 'Ten Things You Have Told Us About Our Proposals' is an interesting read. Brian Gentil asked Sefton Darby who 'you' is this morning on the Breakfast Show and Sefton said "we've door knocked 5 - 600 properties three times over, so 1500 to 2,000 door knocks. We ran questionnaires, we had dozens of meetings with ratepayer groups, with different activist groups, with real estate agents, so those ten things that 'you' have told us about our proposals really comes out of all of the things that people expressed during that big consultation process. Ninety nine percent of the property policy came out of that.

Sefton made a blunt statement about a full page newspaper advertisement that included a picture of the 'house down the hole' due to slumping years ago. the Waihi East Ratepayers Group Incorporated (WERGI) has launched a campaign which Sefton said "is inaccurate. It's suggesting mining operations are the same as they were 100 years ago, which caused the sink hole. I don't think it's good for the economy of Waihi. I don't think it's good for the real estate market. The advertisement is sensationalist, it's alarmist, inaccurate and I think it's going to scare people away", Sefton said.

He had a few other things to say as well. Hear the full interview by clicking the audio and allowing it to open.

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