Newmont Waihi Gold Update 15/11/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 15/11/2012

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This week the Newmont Waihi Gold Update addresses employment in Waihi. They explain that if someone works for someone who works for the mine, it doesn't mean they work for the mine, but it could be that a job exists because of the mine. They have recently completed a staff survey to get valid data about direct and indirect employment because of mining and will publish the results soon. The update suggests that although someone may say the mine doesn't affect them or their business and for that matter Waihi looking into the concept of indirect and induced employment may be surprising.

The Australian Mining History Association held its 18th annual conference in Waihi last week and 70 delegates spent seven days enjoying the hospitality and sights of Waihi and the Coromandel. The conference coincided with the centenary of the Waihi miner's strike and this week's Update explains more about what they saw and did in their Update.

Newmont also profiles a mine worker who for the past few weeks has been working an eleven hour shift, then heading to the Boyd Road Theatre to play a ... miner in the Waihi Drama Society's 'The Red & Gold'.

Read the Newmont Waihi Gold Update here and for more information visit or visit their Golden Link office on Seddon Street.

Sefton Darby, Newmont Waihi Gold's External Affairs manager had some strong words for Terry Podmore this morning on the Gold FM Breakfast Show. Mr Podmore, the WERGI spokesperson authorised a recent advertising campaign in local papers and Sefton directed a message to him saying that if he (Terry Podmore) ever leaves Hamilton, which is where his phone number happens to be, he's more than happy to be transparent and truthful when Terry stops using pictures of houses in the United States to portray mining effects in Waihi. Sefton said using the image is dishonest because it's got nothing to do with Waihi and he questioned how much business is being scared away from Waihi because of the stuff going in the paper.

Sefton also answered some questions we've had through this week.

The interview makes for an interesting listen. Click play and allow a few moments for the audio to open.

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