Newmont Waihi Gold Update 13/12/2012

Posted by Kit Wilson - Gold FM on 13/12/2012

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Newmont External Affairs Coordinator Kit Wilson wrote this brief on the Newmont Update this week.

This week Newmont Waihi Gold reports about the Newmont Waihi Gold Mines Rescue Team. The team was awarded a 'Certificate for Gallantry' for its role in evacuating underground staff during the July truck fire.

The award reads: 'Waihi Gold Mines Rescue Team is known throughout the company's Asia Pacific operations for its technical knowledge and superior rescue bearing, noteworthy accomplishments, exceptional ability, initiative and total dedication to service. The team reflected great credit upon its members and upheld the highest traditions of the Rescue Service'.

The Update also features 'Team Two' a very vital part of Newmont's team. They are the partners of the team members and the company said "Their unseen but enormous dedication and support around the clock allows the team to work the way it does.

The specialised skills and equipment of Waihi gold's Mines Rescue Team are available to local emergency services attending events involving members of the public as well as for any incidents on site. Regular practices with the local fire brigade and St John Ambulance crews ensure that they know the skills, capabilities and equipment Mines Rescue can provide in the event of an emergency.

You can find out more by visiting Newmont's website or by calling into the Golden Link Information Office on Seddon Street.

Read the full Newmont Waihi Gold Update here.

This morning Brian Gentil spoke to Newmont Waihi Gold External Affairs Manager Sefton Derby who has been busy keeping up with what's being presented to the Commissioners at the resource consent hearing into their Golden Link / Correnso Project.

He said, "The Commissioners have been very professional about keeping on topic, not letting it get personal and I think all sides have been given a really good hearing".

Gold FM has been receiving questions about a 'pro mining' Facebook page that has appeared in the last couple of weeks and when we asked if Newmont had anything to do with it Sefton said, "No. I know it may be incredible to believe that anything that is pro mining in this town doesn't lead back to my team". It was as much a surprise to him as it was to other people he said.

We received a question asking if we could find out about the’ Milking Cow' section of the Martha Pit and Sefton said, "There have been several cracks and a bit of movement and slips in that area but it's really settled down in the last couple of weeks and stabilised a lot".

The earthquake last Saturday was picked up by Newmont's vibration monitors and "It was quite strange to see the same monitor going off five or six times", he said.

When Brian Gentil asked Sefton about the Waihi Gold Mines Rescue Team receiving a citation for their work when the truck caught fire underground earlier in July Sefton said, "It's not something you see very often in the company and its real recognition of the extraordinary work that whole team did, particularly the Mines Rescue Team during the fire. It was a professional operation, the systems worked, the people worked, the training worked and people got out safely".

Click play and allow the audio a few moments to open to hear the interview with Sefton this morning.

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