Newmont Waihi Gold Update 12/04/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 12/04/2012


Newmont Waihi Gold is continuing to inform Waihi residents about the Property and Community Investment Policy that was released a few weeks ago. If people have any questions about how the policy will work, or whether it could affect them it's important that they contact Newmont to discuss it.

A range of questions have been raised and each week Newmont has been addressing the most frequently asked questions in their weekly update.

Staff are available to provide information at their information office next to the Waihi Memorial Hall on Seddon Street, or you can visit their website

You can also contact them on 0800 Newmont (0800 639 6668).

Sefton Darby, Newmont Waihi Gold's External Affairs Manager comes into the studio each Thursday morning at 8.10 to talk about the update and any other issues that have come up over the preceding week.

Hear what Sefton had to say this morning.

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