Newmont Waihi Gold Update 11/10/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 11/10/2012

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It's a turbulent time for the world and the mining industry hasn't been immune to the 'downturn' with redundancies and closure's happening here and overseas. Although Newmont Waihi Gold has lost a few staff in recent weeks they are still optimistic about their long term future in Waihi.

The Golden Link/Correnso Project submission period has closed and a hearing is scheduled to start on Monday the 3rd of December. The venue for the hearing is yet to be finalised and the Hauraki District Council (who is responsible for the resource consent process) have said the application will be heard by a panel of independent commissioners.

Newmont Waihi Gold also applied to the Waikato Regional Council for a number of consents and after asking that these be considered without notification, the Regional Council has resolved that the consents can be considered without notification, so there will be no public submission process.

There is still no news on the Martha Exploration Project so it's not known whether the plan to mine under the open pit will proceed.

Newmont's External Affairs Coordinator, Kit Wilson said this morning that the Environment Court has a backlog so there has been no indication of when a decision is likely to be released.

Mr. Wilson talked to Brian Gentil about the upcoming Australian Mining History Conference, which is happening in November. Newmont is a major sponsor of the conference this year. "It seemed appropriate to have the conference here in the centenary of the Waihi Miner's Strike and it's good that they will be coming here and spending their money here, which is always good for the town", he said. Industry representatives from mining engineers to academics will be visiting and "they're sure to find Waihi's and the Coromandel's mining history fascinating".
There was an article in the Herald recently on the Coromandel environment and Waihi's situation that Kit described as "unfortunate". While he felt the article was fair and balanced, "an unattributed quote to an unnamed real estate agent, who said what was happening in Waihi was very similar to the fallout in Christchurch is disappointing", he said. "I would encourage people to have a look at the housing data. It speaks for itself and the perfect example is we've already done eight top-ups, we've got another two underway and if you look at the price of houses in the data we continue to compare very favourably with other towns".

During the interview with Brian Gentil on Gold FM this morning Mr. Wilson said, "We're never always going to agree, but I think there is a way the community can benefit and the key is to find a way that the mining industry and the town can co-exist.

The free insulation offer for houses in the Golden Link Project area is still on the table. Anyone who is living in a house built prior to the year 2000 could qualify. Newmont encourages anyone wanting to know more to get in touch with them.

You can listen to the interview with Kit Wilson here. Click play and allow a few moments for the audio to play.

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