Newmont Waihi Gold Update 08/03/2012

Posted by Newmont Waihi Gold on 08/03/2012

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Sefton Darby, External Affairs Manager from Newmont Waihi Gold talked to Brian Gentil this morning about some of the issues related to the Property and Community Improvement Policy that Newmont is working on. He talked about the difference between the processes that are involved and how the PCIP is not necessarily something they are legally required to do, but is something they are doing voluntarily as a result of the feedback and consultation they've undertaken with the community

He also spoke about the misinformation that appeared in a regional newspaper recently regarding the policy, and said that in order for them to publish the PCIP sooner rather than later, it will be necessary to separate the consent and the technical issues within it, which are taking longer, from the property policy. He said everyone in Waihi will receive a copy of the Property and Community Improvement Policy in their letter box in two weeks time.

You can hear the entire interview with Sefton by clicking the audio link below.

Newmont have also been busy doing maintenance work on their gold refinery mill and their update this week goes into more detail about the project.

There's also plenty happening around Waihi town in coming weeks and it's great to see Newmont Waihi Gold getting involved and supporting the events coming up.

Read the full update here

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