Newmont Waihi Gold Update 04/10/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 04/10/2012

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In this week's update Newmont Waihi Gold explain that it is a world-wide restructuring within their company that is responsible for the redeployments, relocations and redundancies happening in the Waihi operation. Operating costs have increased faster than the gold price during the global recession and around 20 Waihi staff have been affected. Consultation is ongoing and Newmont says it's not an easy time for staff or contractors but they are committed to staying in Waihi for the long term.

A three-yearly Social Impact Assessment which included many local Waihi people and organisations has been completed and you can read more about it in the update.

A large satellite dish has appeared on the western rim of the Pit Rim Walkway. It has nothing to do with improving a digital TV signal and is a useful high tech tool used for monitoring.

Submissions are in and once the Hauraki District Council has prepared it's report a public hearing will be held early in December.

Read the update for more details. You can also visit the Newmont website or talk to someone at their Golden Link information office on Seddon Street, next to the Waihi Memorial Hall.

Newmont Waihi Gold External Affairs Coordinator Kit Wilson talked about the update this morning on air and the interview can be listened to by clicking play and allowing the audio a few moments to open.

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