Newmont To Give Further Opportunity For Discussion

Posted by Gold FM: Source media releases on 16/01/2012


After meetings with community groups last Wednesday Newmont Waihi Gold's External Affairs Manager Sefton Darby confirmed they are prepared to discuss any significant changes in the ideas laid out in the consultation document on property and community investment issues produced in December, before Newmont comes out with their final property and community investment document in February (most likely towards the end of February).

Newmont accepts that some community groups would like to have further opportunity to discuss the issues, and that discussions will  continue throughout this month and into early February. He also confirmed that the deadline for the production of Newmont's final property and community investment policy remains unchanged. This is consistent with the timetable they have communicated since August/September last year. 

At this stage it looks like the final property and community investment policy will be available to the public at the same time as resource consent applications are lodged for the Correnso underground project.

DRAT spokesperson Collette Spalding says DRAT conducted their own telephone survey over Xmas and identified the vast majority of Waihi residents are aware and are not concerned about plans to mine beneath homes however the overwhelming majority also state they do not want to live near underground mine workings themselves and that they believe the mine should purchase the homes that they effect.
HDC have confirmed they too will seek wider community feedback and may well conduct their own survey in the near future to ensure any policy finally produced is done so with the Waihi community fully informed and all residents having had opportunity to provide their views.