Newmont Focuses On Vital Behaviours

Posted by Gold FM on 12/06/2012

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You may have noticed a bit more traffic around Moresby Avenue last week. It was a busy time for Newmont Waihi Gold as they held workshops called 'My Safe Journey' for staff.

Approximately 350 people attended the workshops at the Presbyterian Church Hall in Moresby Avenue throughout last week. Newmont has a very good safety record and they strive to keep it that way and improve on it where they can.

Newmont Operations Manager Glen Grindlay said the workshops are based around what is called 'Vital Behaviours'. Vital Behaviours are the smallest set of actions that lead to the results you want. They are actions that if you keep doing, produce the outcomes you’re after.  In this case, for Newmont, it's safety practices in the work place.

Vital Behaviours are key to change efforts whether you are trying to change yourself or something larger (your team, your organisation, or the world.)  In fact, change efforts often fail because they either focus on the results but don’t identify the specific actions to get there, or they spend time and energy on a bunch of actions that are good ideas, but aren’t the vital few.

Glen gave the example of weight loss when he did a presentation to the Waihi Community Vision meeting last night. He said three key things have been identified as helping to lose weight and keep it off using Vital Behaviours. They are eat breakfast, weigh yourself everyday and purchase exercise equipment.

The same technique is being applied to safety at work. It's hoped by surveying workers they will identify the three key factors that will eliminate work place accidents.