More Positive Feedback About PCIP

Posted by Gold FM on 22/03/2012


Anne Marie Spicer and Paula Trubshaw, residents from Waihi East have attended a lot of meetings and worked with other Waihi groups, including real estate agents and residents alongside Newmont Waihi Gold to achieve the now completed Property and Community Investment Policy (PCIP).

We asked them for their thoughts and they provided us with this short statement.

"We feel Sefton (Newmont Waihi Gold's External Affairs Manager) has listened to concerns raised by the community, and that the policy is moving in the right direction - we hope residents will feel more secure as a result of the PCIP.

This policy has the potential to pave a positive way forward in terms of the relationship between NWG and the Waihi community and we are looking forward to hearing the thoughts of the rest of the community".

We'll be talking to representatives from Anne Marie's group next week during the breakfast show.